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Interview - Bruno Laboucarié  

You've been described as a "top domaine"... why?

I think the reason for our being described as such is summed up by the saying: "great wines are made in the vineyard" - everything depends on the quality of grapes. So for me, harvest is the most exciting moment, it's when I know how great the vintage will be.

Can you describe your mission?

To showcase nature's generosity. In the vineyards,


that means working with nature in a sustainable way while respecting her capriciousness - ultimately, nature decides the greatness of each vintage. In the cellar, that means mastering the methods that best allow us to express the character of our vines and our unique terroir.

What are your secrets for making exceptional wines?

First, you must see the land through your ancestors' eyes - and apply what you've learned from them. Second, you mustn't copy - authentic inspiration only comes from an understanding of what affinities are possible given the particular terroir, the grapes varieties and the appropriate cellar practices.

Mission accomplished?

Each year is a new mission. My father accomplished many missions - restructuring the vineyards, introducing carbonic maceration, developing new wines like the Gris de Gris and La Demoiselle - now it's my turn to pioneer. Vineyard planting is underway, including new Syrah parcels,

and new pruning methods are being adopted. In the cellar, I'm optimising temperature-controlled fementation techniques and experimenting with barrels in our new aging facility. Our mission will never be accomplished - every action raises new questions, consumers' tastes change, it remains necessary to innovate...

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