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Innovation is a tradition at Fontsainte. We were among the first to practice carbonic maceration (vinifying whole grapes) and barrel aging. For us, innovation means looking forward - with thermo regulated 150 hl stainless steel vats (right) - and backward - with traditional 200 hl cement vats, whose thermo stability is legendary. But more important than our equipment is how we use it.




For example, every possible operation is gravity-fed - in fact, we designed the cellars to incorporate this advantage. Ours are not technology-driven wines: the equipment helps us express our terroir, our grape varieties, our judiciously managed vineyards, and what nature accords us.

Vinifications at Fontsainte are a collaborative effort. Our oenologue, Claude Gros, is with us at every stage - with his advice, we continue to develop a better understanding of how to extract the best from our grapes.



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